We all share the same vision:

All students will learn at deeper and higher levels.
All students will make continuous progress.

We make this vision reality, one small step at a time.

That Could Be ME!

Journeys to STEM Careers

That Could Be ME! Alabama books are now available! Sales benefit the future of the program!

That Could Be ME! is being offered summer 2023 in West Alabama. To learn more about the program, the books, or how to get involved, read more.

Aspire to inspire with us!  That Could Be ME! is a program that integrates STEM, ELA, art and real-world experiences in literary projects for secondary students that result in illustrated biographies about STEM professionals for elementary school students. These books are designed to inspire young students to consider STEM careers for themselves. That Could Be ME! includes training for high school students in writing for young audiences, illustration, book design, interviewing, and project management as well as the development of teachers and librarians as mentors for the project. That Could Be ME!, Clarity around local STEM heroes.
Help Is On The Way

Learning Science in the Classroom

Revisiting Tier One Instruction with
Learning Science in Mind

July 6 and 7 9 AM to 3:30 PM
AEA Offices, 422 Dexter Avenue,
Montgomery Alabama

July 10 and 11 9 AM to 3:30 PM

Francis Marion School, 101 Hubbard Dr.,
Marion, Alabama
Perry County School District

Do all your teachers know how to design a lesson or instructional unit? Do they know how to design practice? Pretend that you are teaching a subject in September so that test prep in April will be unnecessary. Would all of your teachers know how to do this?

Join Learning Science in the Classroom – Summer Sessions. It is a two-day summer session valuable for most teachers but is targeted at teachers with three years of experience or less, teachers working outside their areas of certification, and teachers without certification. Tuition is $950 per teacher, lunch included, and $750 per teacher if the district is a FASL client. Digital followup is included in the tuition. 

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Teams Improving Practice

TIP - Improving Learning for All Students School Wide

Recommended to start between August and October

Teams Improving Practice (TIP) changes schools by helping teachers collaborate with teachers and including school administrators to guide the process. It starts with understanding learning, and moves to motivation and the role of social relationships in change and improvement. TIP works with a small cohort of teachers as a Teacher Learning Cohort (TLC) and within months almost all of those teachers are changing their classroom practices with measured student learning improvement. Within another few weeks other teachers in their schools are doing the same. 

What We Do

School Improvement

FASL’s team-based, peer-to-peer, school improvement model uses the sciences of cognition, motivation, and social-emotional learning to move the needle of student growth school-wide.

Conference Design

FASL designs one- to three-day events to challenge participants and to act with new knowledge.


FASL consultants work with school, district, and state leadership to consolidate initiatives and align materials to the learning sciences. Increase your returns on investments with measurable growth.


Keynotes are paired with breakout sessions to move inspiration to innovation. Participants are asked to act on what they learned at the keynote address.

Teacher & Leadership Development

FASL works with teachers who want to become leaders in the learning sciences. Using webinar-based book studies and blended learning models, we explore the sciences of leadership and learning.

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