A Slow Thinking Toolkit

Most of us operate from the premise that decisions are deliberate thought processes. Unfortunately, that is not usually the case. The problem is that the brain is wired to conserve energy. Even deliberate thinking is guided by this mission. As a result, deliberative thinking is often replaced by intuitive, automatic responses, or deliberate thinking frames the problem in a manner that makes the decision easier, when, in fact, it is very complex.

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Simplifying Decisions

All decisions ultimately come down to a Yes or No choice; yes we will do this or no we won’t, but too often we allow the process of deciding to also be binary. By binary, we mean a ‘whether or not’ process that examines only one course of action or an ‘either-or’ decision in which two options are considered but only in an all or nothing context. Paul Nutt, author of Why Decisions Fail, released a study in 1993 of 183 decisions.

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