Apply the FASL POPs at your school

Earning a FASL Scholar badge is a simple five-step process after you learn about FASL’s Principles of Practice (POPs)! Our Institutes and links are designed to answer big beautiful educational quests like: What Do We Do with a Brain that Likes to Forget? Or…Is Rigor de Rigueur? Or Can Creativity Be Learned? You earn badges for demonstrating the answer! It’s a quest based on questions. Get it?

Want to get certified in The ART and Science of Learning? Want to create a research based, evidence driven certification program for your district or school? Click here to preview our digital credentialing system. Then reach out to find out more about how your teachers can receive certification in our POPs today.

Receiving your welcome badge is just the first step!

Welcome BadgeBadge 1.1 Repeitition Badge 1.2 Spacing Badge 1.3 Progress