Help Is On The Way

Keeping ALL Students in Tier One
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Right now, three critical issues confront school districts, particularly ones in rural areas. These are:

  1. Tier One has gotten too small and two many students are in Tiers 2 and 3. 
  2. Teacher shortages result in high numbers of new teachers, teachers with minimal experience, teachers without certification, or teachers working outside their area of certification.
  3. There aren’t enough substitutes to provide adequate professional development during the school year. 

At the request of the Alabama Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development and several school districts, our Foundation is offering summer two-day training sessions targeting these high need teachers, but the sessions are open and of value to all teachers. These two days examine the science of learning as it applies to lesson and practice design and its application in the classroom. Participants will be supported throughout the coming year with emails and online resources. FASL will also provide progress reports to designated district or school administrators to facilitate local follow-up. 

In the past over 90% of the teachers who attend TIP workshops implement something they learned and a vast majority of those believe student learning improved. 

FASL is now accepting registrations for locations listed on the registration page. Online you can register with a credit card or with a purchase order. You have the option to upload names with a spreadsheet.