We all share the same vision:

All students will learn at deeper and higher levels.
All students will make continuous progress.

We make this vision reality, one small step at a time.

We Can Do It!!

Using STEM to Re-Engage Our Youth

Evening of April 10 through Lunch April 12

What if STEM was the reason students wanted to stay in school? Join us at the World War II museum in New Orleans to explore innovative applications and results in STEM education. Great STEM work includes a set of thinking, reasoning, collaborative, investigative, and creative skills that students can use in all areas of their lives. In the real world STEM includes theoreticians, hands-on experimenters, writers, artists, builders, mathematicians, programmers, inventors, innovators, thinkers – almost anyone. STEM is not just a profession. STEM is a process of thinking and problem solving. Spend some time with us in one of the world’s most innovative history museums to see how the past influences the present in STEM. Think about how to create STEM ecosystems in your schools and communities.  Our futures depend on it.

For more information and to register, click here

That Could Be Me!

Journeys to STEM Careers

District interest in participating in the writing/illustrating program is being taken now - participation limited.

Indicate interest in the books and class sets of That Could Be Me! Alabama to be informed about release and purchase dates. 

Aspire to Inspire with us!  That Could Be ME! is a program that Integrates STEM, ELA, art and real-world experiences in literary projects for secondary students that result in illustrated biographies about STEM professionals for elementary school students. These books are designed to inspire young students to consider STEM careers for themselves. That Could Be ME! includes training for high school students in writing for young audiences, illustration, book design, interviewing, and project management as well as the development of teachers and librarians as mentors for the project. That Could Be Me! Is customized around your state’s local STEM heroes.
Help Is On The Way

Reaching Tier One for All Students

Scheduled for July 10 to 21, days are dependent on district schedules.

There are Learning Principles so fundamental that they are like rising tides that lift all boats- these principles help all students learn more efficiently and effectively. Although any teacher can gain from this two-day professional development program in mid-July, it is designed to help teachers new to teaching, working without certification, or outside their area of certification. The focus is simple – how to design lessons, goals, feedback, and practice. The work draws on the science of learning and its application in classrooms. The two days are accompanied by weekly email support once school has started, online resources, and a monthly report to a school or district point person on the progress of each participant. 

Teams Improving Practice

TIP - Improving Learning for All Students School Wide

Recommended to start between August and October

Teams Improving Practice (TIP) changes schools by helping teachers collaborate with teachers and including school administrators to guide the process. It starts with understanding learning, and moves to motivation and the role of social relationships in change and improvement. TIP works with a small cohort of teachers as a Teacher Learning Cohort (TLC) and within months almost all of those teachers are changing their classroom practices with measured student learning improvement. Within another few weeks other teachers in their schools are doing the same. 

What We Do

School Improvement

FASL’s team-based, peer-to-peer, school improvement model uses the sciences of cognition, motivation, and social-emotional learning to move the needle of student growth school-wide.

Conference Design

FASL designs one- to three-day events to challenge participants and to act with new knowledge.


FASL consultants work with school, district, and state leadership to consolidate initiatives and align materials to the learning sciences. Increase your returns on investments with measurable growth.


Keynotes are paired with breakout sessions to move inspiration to innovation. Participants are asked to act on what they learned at the keynote address.

Teacher & Leadership Development

FASL works with teachers who want to become leaders in the learning sciences. Using webinar-based book studies and blended learning models, we explore the sciences of leadership and learning.

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