That Could Be ME!

Journeys to STEM Careers

That Could Be ME! Is sponsored by the Foundation for the Art & Science of Learning. Through biographies, written and illustrated by high school students, it aspires to inspire elementary students to see themselves as capable of achieving a bright future for themselves and the world.

Secondary School Students – The Authors, Illustrators, and Interviewers

A student writer and illustrator are paired to create a children’s illustrated book designed to inspire interest in STEM subjects and STEM professions. The program is currently designed as a summer program during which students are trained by an author-illustrator in writing and illustrating for children and a FASL staff member in interviewing. With the goal of expanding awareness of diverse role models, FASL invites STEM professionals with a tie to the state and arranges the interviews. The training develops teachers and librarians to work as mentors for the students as they complete the interview, develop a first draft, and then complete a finished draft. A selection of books will be published and the students are paid a modest stipend for their work. Students own the copyright and grant FASL the right to publish, distribute, and package the books. Based on feedback from participating students, parents, teachers, staff, and subjects this has been a life-changing experience for many of them.

Currently FASL is soliciting interest in two categories. 

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Is your school district or organization interested in being part of That Could Be ME!? FASL, school districts, and community partners seek project support together. We are planning to continue the project in Alabama and expand to other states and would love to hear from you.

Elementary School Students

To date teachers have used the books both to address state standards and to inspire students about STEM and STEM professions. The books will be available as class sets and individual books. 

Buy the books for your classroom. Sales benefit the future of the project.

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